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CWC Consultancy

Experienced, Business and Management Consultant


Process Improvement

Talk to us about how we can help you to improve your processes and ultimately your productivity. We have some excellent process improvement and "Ai" case studies that demonstrate significant returns from our services.

Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that "Ai" will shape the future of Healthcare over the next 5 years. My knowledge of the Pharmaceutical & Vaccines markets and partnership with innovative AI companies, provides a sound basis from which to design and support your "Ai" strategy and services. 

Resource Planning

Correct deployment of headcount staff or outsourced staff is critical to the success of a brand. I  am able to provide a comprehensive analytics service including market overviews and  formulary landscape etc. to help you achieve this.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence requires a high degree of planning, review and attention to detail. My experience in this area will help you achieve clear and consistent results.

Leadership Development

Managing multi-disciplinary teams through challenging and rapidly changing environments requires skill, patience and expertise. My experience can support you in this complex area. 

Interim Placements

Interim placements can be catered for (allowing for current availability). Roles covered include Commercial Director, Operations Director, Business Development and Managing Director.